Hey There Entrepeneurs!

You are a courageous entrepreneur who despite what the critiques say, you are proving them wrong and are growing your dream business! This is why you need your brand to reflect the core of who you are. Your brand is every side of you, the leader, creator, the friend, parent and hobbyist and dreamer. And let's be real, you are tired of taking selfies.
Let me guess, your online brand isn't quite where you'd like it.You know in your gut that NOW is the time to up level the images you portray online to match the amazing service you provide. You are ready to show the world your vibrant and authentic self and how what you do can positively change your client's life. It's time to hire a pro so that your online branding images will have everyone exclaiming, “I have got to work with her!”
Sharisse Rowan
Southern CA.

What is personal brand photography?

It’s photography for entrepeneurs and influencers…It’s a visual representation of who you are personally and professionally.  In a world where social media is the main form of advertising and elevating your business , having authentic professional images that tell the story of your brand is a game changer. Using your cellphone is personal but lacks professional visual appeal.  That’s where I come in.  I’ve been specifically trained to uncover the story of your brand with beautiful appealing images that your clients can relate to.  I’m here for you!

The Benefits of Having a Library of Branding Images

Selfies only get you so far and don’t look professional

Images of yourself increase interaction on Social Media

Having a library of images that you can post frequently saves time

Real images connect better than stock photos

Clients grow to know, like and trust you

You’ll have more time with your family rather than worry about Instagramming all the time.


Up level your brand and inspire trust by letting your clients and followers see the relatable person behind the brand

It’s time to stop doubting how amazing you look in photos and embrace your beautiful qualities and character traits!!


All photo sessions include:

  • One hour planning session before each photo session to capture 3-8 stories at your shoot
  • Wardrobe advice and direction
  • Pro hair and makeup artist with commercial experience
  • Posing direction throughout the session to bring out your natural beauty and poise
  • Same day photo selection
  • Digital library of color perfected fully touched up images
  • 1 week turn around
  • Commercial use license


Headshots start at $350

Branding Sessions start at $700

Contact me for a free consult and quote 

Here's the Process

Fill out the form below to message me. I’ll respond to your questions, and we’ll set up a time to meet.

Step 2. Video Chat

We’ll connect via video chat to get to know each other, go over the details and decide if we are a good fit for each other.

Step 3. Make It Official

If all goes well we’ll plan your first photo session all out, we’ll sign paperwork and make things official!

Meet Me

When it comes to photographing business builders like you, I strive to show you just how beautiful you are, while making you feel incredibly confident with the way you look and what you do!  

My goal is to bring out your inner beauty and bring it out with your outer beauty.  

I’m originally from Idaho and have lived in California for 6 years.  It’s here that I started my photography business.  I love the warm weather and the beach!

When I’m not behind the camera you can find me hanging with my four kids and husband.  We like to go to the beach, ride bikes together and cook in the kitchen.

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Sharisse Rowan Photography is based in Temecula, California

Q and A

What’s a “story”?

A story is the term I use to describe the theme(s) that define you as a person and business.  In social media you are trying to connect with your audience and potential clients.  They need to know, like and trust you to make that move to follow you on social media and become a client or customer.  When you are writing your posts you need images that show what you are telling about in your post.  Some ideas are- different aspects of your business, your family life, your hobbies and interests, what you look like in action doing your work with a variety of backgrounds and outfits. 

What’s an on boarding questionnaire?


An on boarding questionnaire is a tool we will use to uncover the details that define your business. This is important so that we can capture these themes for your social media, website, brochures and your full online presence.






What if I don’t like the way I look in images?


First of all, you are amazing and we will let that shine through in your images. Second, everyone feels this way. Most people I’ve worked with feel weird about having their picture taken, believe me. You will get used to it. I will provide you with tips and instructions on how to look your best in images. 

You’ll be able to pick your favorite angles of yourself from many images that I’ll capture. I have an eye for how to get a person’s most flattering angle so we have that in our favor as well!! Lastly, people aren’t nearly as critical as we are of ourselves. They just want to see you doing your work so that they can grow to know, like and trust you!





Why are the sessions priced the way they are?


I’ve been through extensive courses and training to learn how to do personal brand photography specifically. There’s a way to shoot a wedding and a way to shoot a branding session and they are not anywhere close to each other! To have a photographer with experience and training in your specific niche is of branding is rare and valuable. Also, I have invested in $10,000 worth of high end photography equipment to provide you with the highest quality images. Your brand will most definitely grow substantially by using these images which will be increased revenue for your business. I’ve structured it for monthly payments in order to break the cost down so that it’s easier to budget for.

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